Stonetable Web App

Part of the Stonetable PHP testing and debugging suite, Stonetable Web App helps you navigate and visualize your PHP project builds by providing incentives to maintain organized demo and unit test files that can be outputted in a user friendly manner with enhanced state and error reporting.

Stonetable Web App Preview
Image above is a preview of Stonetable Web App running in a browser.



Droplet Web Plugin

Written in JavaScript and CSS, Droplet is what I call an embedded info browser (traditionally a carousel, but mainly for text or mixed data). I envision Droplet to be used as a widget to present separate but related pieces of information and enhance website navigation.

The project name – Droplet – as well as other attributes (the logo and project color) align with minimalism and simplicity, which finds its meaning in the fact that this is my pilot project in the series. Shaped as something intrinsically small and somewhat meaningless, it potentially hides the idea of evolution and movement.


CooKey Research Suite

This project is a living resource document where I attempt to take a different approach in studying HTTP cookies. The method is to analyse UA cookie data store mechanisms. This is a comprehensive article, which includes up-to-date cookie test cases run on the most common web browsers. The project also posseses unpublished tools to study UA cookies.

Term “CooKey” in this context refers to the well known word “cookie”. The logo continues the motif of basic figures. The cut-out portion in the circle object alludes to a known missing part which relates to cookies being remotely connected to outside hosts.

User Agent Watch

An upcoming project that will provide a list of up-to-date (updated twice a day) versions and release data of top 10 web browsers. It will also study bots roaming the www. For that, will provide configuration suggestions for how to throttle the impact of search, marketing and other bots on your website.