Meet Droplet

A CSS and JavaScript driven info browser & carousel.

This is Droplet in action!

Droplet is a web plugin which helps you present information in small parts to allow readers explore and find their path.

Droplet consists of a navigation bar at the top and content area below.

We have built Droplet with CSS animations, a bunch of CSS variables, and such JavaScript features as progress bar, network requests, and request abortion system to make it robust and worthwhile.

To understand Droplet is to experience it.

So, let's get started!

Showcase & Application


This droplet is rather different from the main above, however all it took to build this was a few CSS variable changes and tweaked JavaScript options.

The overall styling was amended using such CSS variables as --bg-color, --fg-color, --bar-height and others, but the main tweak is the look and function of the menu bar at the top.

We are using data attribute data-show-menu-bar="navigation" which is different from breadcrumb navigation.

Let's find out how

What's New


Hello! Our drone products are constantly evolving. We have changed a few things recently based on our customer feedback.

See what's changed!

Droplet Plus Theme

Unlock the special Droplet Plus theme. Donate ANY amount below, and we will send you a copy right away as a thank you gift.

A video preview of the Droplet Plus theme.

Breaking News

Hey, sorry to interrupt! We have recently launched another product called Stonetable Web App. It's a nice PHP build testing and debugging suite with an app running in a browser.

Stonetable Web App Preview
Image above is a preview of Stonetable Web App running in a browser.

Learn More

We have prepared a dedicated documentation page for those of you who want to learn more.

Download, Support & Thank You!

Droplet package comes in 2 flavours: as a regular website plugin or as a web component. Please read more about web components, if you haven't come across this technology suite in the past.

Release v1.0.2



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