Cookie Policy

Our website uses “HTTP cookies” (“cookies”) to enhance your browsing experience. To find out what “cookies” are and how they generally work, please consult Wikipedia. Below we have put together a list of all “cookies” that are used on our website. We have split them into 3 categories.

1. Strictly Necessary “Cookies”

  • lwis_optout – This “cookie” is compulsory when user choses to opt out of all other non-nesessary “cookies”. It can have just one value – 1. When active, it tells our system not to set any of the optional “cookies” and at the same time not to run processes or elements that rely upon those optional “cookies”.

2. Performance “Cookies”

  • lwis_uid – A unique 48 character user ID registered on our network. It helps us collect general information about the user, eg. site visits, user preferences, active services, etc.

    • Lifetime: 2 years
    • Status on your device: installed
    • Expiry date: June 25, 2026, 11:33 AM GMT

3. Third Party “Cookies”

  • __gads – This “cookie” is associated with the DoubleClick for Publishers service from Google. It serves purposes such as measuring interactions with the ads on our domain and preventing the same ads from being shown to site visitors too many times.

    • Lifetime: >1 year
    • Status on your device: not installed

Adjust Your Preferences

If you want to opt-out of all optional “cookies”, please hit “Opt-Out” below. You will be able to “Opt-In” later if you wish so. This will install the compulsory lwis_optout “cookie” on your device. This preference will work across the entire LWIS network.