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Part of the Stonetable PHP testing and debugging suite, Stonetable Web App helps you navigate and visualize your PHP project builds by providing incentives to maintain organized demo and unit test files that can be outputted in a user friendly manner with enhanced state and error reporting.

Top 10 Features

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Source-Test-Playground concept implementation

This concept is an organizing factor that in the beginning introduces a source file as a capability provider, which is then linked to either a demo or a unit test file which demonstrates and tests that capability, and finally a playground area to probe and backlink any of these two in isolation.

Stonetable screenshot

Screenshot visualising the Source-Test-Playground chaining concept.

Smart demo file outputs with visually improved, readable PHP error reporting

Standard output messages and error messages are divided into separate visually rich blocks. In this block-driven flow multiple error messages can squeeze in between standard output blocks, until a fatal error message is printed, which will obviously shut down the flow.

Stonetable screenshot

Screeshot of a demo file with error reporting.

Fast, easy to understand unit test runner

Unit tests are organized into collapsable categories, allowing to run only chosen or all categories at once. The runner is fast and good at giving a big picture with focused main errors for each failed test, as well as extended visually rich error reporting.

Stonetable screenshot

Screenshot showing unit test report after it has run all tasks.

Source code viewer with advanced code highlighting and class reference navigation

Stonetable Web App uses a custom PHP code tokenizer, which exists as a separate component in the Stonetable Suite. Class-like symbols in source are clickable into the corresponding files. Also, navigation across projects is possible based on the vendor name fixing.

Stonetable screenshot

A preview of Stonetable showing off source code viewer.

Remote project list browsing and responsive accessibility

Stonetable Web App offers such accessibility features as connection to remote project listing and responsive design. It's possible to connect to one remote project listing, then disconnect, and then connect to another. Running meaningly on mobile is not compromised.

Stonetable screenshot

A screenshot of Stonetable connected to remote project listing.

Special comments contributing to Source-Test-Playground chaining

These special comments in essence are standard PHP comments that contain links to associate locations. For instance, in a source file special comments can establish a reference to demo file location, etc. They can work in IDE environment only, taking you from one file to another.

Stonetable screenshot

A look at the special comments feature in Stonetable.

Simple interface to any IDE system that supports file open URI implementation

When used in local development environment, Stonetable will link to your IDE via the file open URI interface. For instance, you can switch to IDE for a given file reference in Stonetable. Smart links in error messages and elsewhere also open in IDE.

Stonetable screenshot

A preview of basic interface to IDE.

Light and dark color themes

Toggles between operating system, light, and dark color modes. Saves your choice or adapts to changes in OS settings.

Stonetable screenshot

Screenshot showing Stonetable in 2 color modes.


A rather self explanatory feature that allows you to save your commonly opened locations (files or directories) into the favorites menu bar at the top of the application window.

Stonetable screenshot

A screenshot of Stonetable with favorites in the top menu bar.

Last but not least, it's lightweight, optimized web app skeleton

Stonetable Web App as well as the entire Stonetable Suite does not have any dependencies. This means that it is light and accessible. If you are into web development, you can pretty easily customize and build your own version from the source code.

Stonetable screenshot

Stonetable wearing no theme styling shows off its light skeleton.

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